Our company has been established in 1992 , utilizing the state of the art in the field of plastic injection molding. Our quality certifications are: ISO 9002, EN 46002 and ISO 13485, the so-called stand alone quality mark for medical devices. We work for major customers and for our own account. 

In 1994 we started to acquire patent of products with a very high sales potential and with peculiar features: to 100% natural, without any undesired side-effect, capable to assist the woman in important aspects of her life, like reproduction, sexuality, breast care and breastfeeding. 

In 1995 we began the production and sale of the ovulation predictor through saliva, the DONNA Saliva Fertility Tester. Today is sold in 30 Countries, providing women with a technological support to manage and enjoy wisely their intimate and reproductive life. 

During the year 2005 we developed another new product, still in the field of female wellness, the DONNA Glove. It is a breast lump detection glove based on science for one hand wearing. Its design enhances sliding motion and reduces the friction produced by fingers movement and by increasing up to 10 times the fingers sensitivity to discover lumps and unknown formations. Early discovery of breast lumps and their treatment (when necessary) are vital. It also reminds all women to worry about breast cancer, building the concept of its prevention. 

In the 2012 we added to our product range another device the DONNA Pads. It consist of 2 plastic pads filled with non-toxic gel. It is designed to make the breast feeding a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the mother and her baby. It helps to relieve from mild breast pain and nipple discomfort, plus to relax and ease the milk flow and enhance the breast feeding success.