In the year 2012 we added another product aimed to the female health and wellness. The DONNA Pads. It is designed to make the breast feeding a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the mother and her baby. It helps to relieve from mild breast pain and nipple discomfort, plus to relax and ease the milk flow and enhance the breast feeding success.

                          DONNA Pads for Breast Relief


Breast-feeding is the natural process by which a baby acquires nutrition and protects your baby from bacteria and viruses. How can you make breast feeding a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both you and your baby?


DONNA Breast Pads has been specifically designed cone shaped as per the anatomy of breasts, fits all sizes, soft, flexible, easy to use and are reusable for multiple applications to provide comfort and relief from soreness associated with breast feeding and will not interfere with lactation in any way. Allowing DONNA Breast Pads to be used either warm or cool and are discreetly kept in place under a bra.

Gel used in DONNA Breast Pads is non-toxic and can withhold cold / hot effect for enough duration. You may use DONNA Breast Pads warm or cool as many times a day as needed. But make sure to clean them thoroughly after each use.

How to use it

For Cold Therapy:

Simply place in Normal fridge (not in deep fridge) for one hour before use and place in nursing bra for 10 to 20 minutes. Enjoy the cooling sensation. It helps to relieve from mild breast pain and nipple discomfort.

For Hot Therapy:

Simply place in a bowl of warm water for up to 7-8 minutes and pat dry with a clean paper towel and place gently over the most tender and painful areas for 10 to 15 minutes. It helps to relax and ease the milk flow and enhancing the breast feeding success.


When should I use DONNA Breast Pad?

Whilst breast-feeding, some mothers may experience nipple and breast tenderness which, in some cases, can be attributed to engorgement, blocked milk ducts or mastitis. DONNA Breast Pads provides warming or cooling therapy for sore and painful breasts.


Advantages of DONNA Breast Pad over other breast pads

These are not just any gel packs though these have some great features, such as: -

        These provide generous coverage.

        These are light weight and puffy,

        The gel can be distributed in or out inside the breast pads - center (nipple area) according to personal preference.

        Provides both cooling and warming therapy

        Relaxes the congested breasts and encouraging steady milk flows & numbs the pain.

        Eases discomfort that may be associated with nursing

        fits all sizes

        Reusable for multiple applications and simple to use in both the hospital and at home.



Clean with hot & mild soapy water after each use and comes with a polythene bag for storage. Alternative pain relief Non-invasive, drug free and completely safe for both mother and child

 And above all

DONNA Breast Pads can be used for general application as it increases blood supply and stimulate the skin to help and keep breasts firm and toned



Always allows breast to return to normal body temperature before trying for another regime. It may take up to 1 hour but is an important part of the healing process.


* Do Not Microwave or Boil This Product. Always Test Temperature on The Wrist before Applying To The Breast. * Do Not Puncture. If Breast Pads Becomes Torn or Damaged Simply Discard It Immediately. * Avoid Cross Contamination and donít share Your Pads With Other Nursing Mothers. * This Product Is Not A Toy And Keep It Out Of Reach of Children.




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